“Not sure where I would be without Sharing Light on this wild journey. I feel so supported in all my business plans and adventures. With Kristy, it’s not just about creating a successful business but about being your healthiest, happiest self to create a strong foundation to grow your creative endeavors. I am so grateful for her guidance, energy work, and love! I have so many creative projects that are ready to be released into the world and I feel safe to do so with Kristy by my side. My music and my soul thank you, Kristy!”
— Desirée Dawson, Professional Singer-Songwriter, Yoga Instructor, and Creative Writing Coach
Before working with Kristy, I was feeling stuck and not sure exactly which direction to go with with my skills and interests. Kristy’s sessions have allowed me to understand what I want to be working towards and feel the momentum of moving forward. She encouraged me to focus on my health and lifestyle goals as a way of supporting myself and becoming aligned with the right energy I wanted to create and act from. It’s helped me clear the fears and past energies that were blocking me from having what I wanted. Now I’m on a clear path to achieving my next big goal and I’m feeling so open to receive it.
— Maya Semans, International Yoga Instructor and Workshop Facilitator