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Sharing Light

Sharing Light believes that every individual has passions and gifts that excite them. The mission is to provide Holistic Business Support to Creative Entrepreneurs so they can create and share their light with others in the way they truly desire. Services include:

  • Management of business tasks including email, bookings, website, written communications, etc.
  • Mindset Coaching, goal setting, and visioning
  • Health and Wellness support so you can take care of yourself before sharing with others

Kristy Davis

Kristy is a Certified Health & Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner.  She believes in soul-centered business management, holistic self-care, and authentic expression. Through combining her passions and skills in business, coaching, and health & wellness, she offers holistic business services so clients can deepen their connection with their gifts and services to share them with the world in a fulfilling and genuine way.